Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Love Swap Meets

I love swap meets. Forever and ever. Everything there is dirt cheap- all you need is a good eye to weed out fakes and low-quality (a knack at bargaining helps, too). Some might protest "well, that's everything there!". I would have to disagree; I have often found many proverbial "diamonds in the rough", at low prices too.

I usually stay away from make up products at swap meets; usually they are either low quality, used (gross!), fakes, or just not worth the price considering you can have the security of buying a real one for just a few bucks more. I'm sure there are instances where you can find good deals, but it is rare. For instance, some lady today tried to sell me fake MAC. She was like "Oh, we've got some stuff from the Hello Kitty collection!" when I was browsing. I knew it was fake as soon as I saw it; there were no lip palettes or all this other crap in the collection she was trying to sell as "MAC". I know it's quite common on the internet, but I didn't know they tried to do this at swap meets. I wish I could have taken a picture, they were laughably fake.

Anywho, on to the good stuff. Nail polish is one of the few things I buy from swap meets, mostly because even if they are fake, I'm more willing to put something on my nails versus on my face or near my eyes. Still, it's pretty obvious to weed out the fakes from the real things.

From the first seller I bought two OPI n/p, from the Designer Series "Royal", a translucent purple with blue reflects. It's really great, but I wish it was more opaque (I put it on my toes over a crappy fuchsia one from Icing). I also bought a base coat, because the one I have is starting to dry out. They were both on $2.

From the next seller, I bought FOUR. He gave us a deal; 4 for ten dollars. Originally it was two for five, but he said if we bought 4, he would include a free one from a different brand. I gave one to my aunt, this red color (she wanted it), and I don't have a picture or the name. The other three were "Give Me A Coral Sometime", a pretty orange coral color with pink reflects. Also I have "Who Needs a Prince", which is a milky white opal with a pale pink duochrome- it's pretty much MAC's Pink Opal pigment in nail polish form! I love it. The last, and one of my faves is "Goldilocks Rocks!" a sheer orangey golden, super sparkly/glittery nail polish. I put it over Victoria's Secret nail laquer in "Cocktail", which made this gorgeous orange coral with tons of glitter!

Anyways, the last stall I bought three Rimmel Nail Polishes, since they were only a dollar each. I got "Sunny Side" a pinkier, lighter coral than OPI's "Give Me a Coral Sometimes" and has subtle golden reflects, instead of pink (can you tell I love me some corals?). I also got Meringue, a milky off-white with subtle golden pink sparkle. Lastly, I got Dazzle, a sheer, old gold color.

What I'm wearing:

Toes: Icing Nail polish in "Grapetini"
with OPI "DS Royal" over it

Fingers: Victoria's Secret nail lacquer in "Cocktail" with OPI's "Goldilocks Rocks!" over it