Monday, February 16, 2009

Haul and Rant

This week(s) has been interesting. I really haven't had an "okay" day this whole week. It's either been really intensely crappy, or amazing. Sometimes, both.

The week so far has been horrible. Just, unbearable, for example, I found out my Creative Writing class in school is being cut due to budget. What the hell! It was, and is, my favorite class in highschool, nay, school in general, ever. Hands down. I love that class to death. Also some various other things, that just have made me felt crappy.

However, my weekend was redeemed! I went to Las Vegas, which in itself is pretty fun, even for me. I always thought that Vegas is difficult for those in my age group; when you're a kid, almost anything entertains you, and obviously anyone 21+ is going to love it. However, those in the middle of said categories (i.e., me!) are usually bored out of their minds. I enjoyed it though. I went to Bellagio's buffet (called, The Buffet, believe it or not). AMAZING. Most buffets are quantity, not quality, but not THE Buffet. I can say that every single food item that went into my mouth or onto my plate was top notch delicious. I must have gained about five pounds eating there, though (they have sugar free deserts which tasted amazing, by the way; made my diabetic little self very pleased).

ALSO. The best part. I went to the MAC store for the Hello Kitty collection (haha) and OH MY LORDIE. I had no idea that the MAC Store in Caesar's Palace Forum Shops was actually a PRO store! To say I was a kid in a candy store was an understatement. Even my parents noticed how giddy I was; I was absolutely ecstatic.

I'm sure you can relate to my excitement only to an extent, but let me elaborate:

-I am underage, and I cannot drive. Thus I do not have a job, or transportation. Money is tight, and I have to spend VERY wisely.

-My parents do not approve of how much money I spend on make up. Or the amount of make up I have. Thus asking them to drive me to the PRO store in SoCal (which is about a 20-30 minute drive from where I live) is out of the question!

-I thought I would have to wait years just to ever set foot in a PRO store. But I did not have to. Dear god, I am excited now and I am home already!

It was the best surprise of my life. The only bad thing about it is, like I mentioned before, due to the fact I rarely have spending money, I plan my purchases carefully, you have no idea. Like I will make a list, then edit the list about fifty times before actually going to the store and making my purchase. I weigh what I want to buy, how much it is, what else I want to buy, as well as if it is similar to what I have; I hardly ever make impulse buys. Which is why I was not prepared to be going to a PRO store with PRO-only products!

I'm not going to post pictures of swatches (okay, maybe later...) but I ended up leaving with; HK e/s palettes in Lucky Tom and Too Dolly, Fun and Games BPB, Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster, Lipstick in Strayin, and Glitter Eye liner in Girl Groove. I also bought Black Black pigment, Bright Fuchsia Pigment, 3D Silver Glitter, and Glitterpuss glitter eye liner. I ended up returning Bright Fuchsia and 3D Silver because I had something similar or I did not think I would use it. I planned on exchanging Glitterpuss because there was no brush at the end of the wand! Just a plastic hunk (has that ever happened to you before?!) but I just ended up returning it. I returned them the next day, and ended up buying Pink Opal Pigment, Old Gold Pigment, Suntan Gloss, and an empty palette. So worth it! I only owned 4 Mac Products before, and I added 11 more! I nearly tripled my MAC collection!

However, the happiness stops there. Afterwards I came home and everything went to (pardon my French) shit. I have a project due tommorow; no one contributed what they promised, and my partner did not realize that we are preseting TOMMOROW. So now I have to scramble to get things done, and quite frankly, I am pissed. Plus, I'm on my period. Great.

Monday, February 9, 2009

HUGE Repost; Cruel and Unusual Punishment

So I made the jump from Wordpress to blogger... mostly because I like blogger better, and it's far easier to use for me. So all those posts are way old, since I only had a few entries in my other blog. Hm... so, I really have neglected my blog(s) for awhile, I told myself I wasn't going to do that... oh well.
Also, I am severely lacking in the make up department. You have no idea. I don't want to sound like a typical whiny teenager (though I pretty much am, in a sense), my mom has taken punishment to new extremes (due to a not-so-satisfactory report card). What is this punishment you ask? She pretty much took my make up. Not all of it, which I actually consider pretty generous, but most of it, about half. I think mainly my eye shdows and whatnot. She's not SO strict that she took everything; she atleast left me my face stuff so I wouldn't look dead or hideous. Plus I have all of my lip products, and a few liners, mascaras, and other assorted things. The only eye shadows I have are neutral colors, and a few colorful Claire's "not as shitty as I expected" palette, but I miss my Ben Nye and Kryolan and Urban Decay and Make Up Forever palettes ever so terribly. I never realized how much I would miss them. I'll post pictures of what I have maybe later. In a way, it's good; it's forced me to use shadows I hardly ever use, and focus on technique and precision versus color. When my grades are brought up (the next report comes in a few weeks, and I've been doing good in school so I BETTER get my make up back!) I will have my make up back. So, geez, is that a motivator or what?

Tempeh, Tofu, and Petay; Foods of Ultimate Deliciousness

Before I explain the title of this post, I guess I should briefly discuss my herritage. My father is Hispanic (Mexican), but born here in the United States, and for the most part, not as knowing of the Mexican culture as others, though he can speak Spanish. On the whole other side of the spectrum is my mother. She's Chinese, but was born and raised in Indonesia (which is quite common, actually. About 20% of Indonesia's population are Chinese, the other 79% are Native Indonesians, while the other 1% are other). Her mother, my Grandmother, still held onto her Chinese heritage (fyi, I don't know what part of China they are from, but they don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin. They speak Hokian), while my mother also recieved some of the Indonesian culture (she is also trilingual; she knows Indonesian, Hokian, English, and knows a bit of Cantonese, which is amazing. You wouldn't be able to tell, her English is very good, the best of all of my relatives on her side!). Because of this, I have a fairly culturally diverse background, taking from not 2 very different cultures, but four, including the American culture.

Anyways, one of the things I've been taught since I was a little kid was to be open minded when it came to food. Food is pretty much the doorway to other cultures. I never realized how different I was in that aspect than other kids; while they became picky and only ate PB&J or Macaroni and Cheese, I was chomping down on Masago Sushi, Pig Kidneys, Fish Heads, and Tongue. And amazingly enough, I enjoyed them all. My mom never had to force me or my brother's to eat, ever since we were little she established that this is what we had to eat. I find it greatly impacted my eating habits now, which I am greatful for. For example, the other day I walked into the kitchen hungrily and found a container of god knows what. It was orange, thick, looked like carrot sticks but had the consistency of a slug. Chopped green onions were sprinkled on top. Other kids, at this would elicit an "Ew!" response. I, on the other hand? Grabbed a fork, took one of them and chomped it. I found it greatly amusing because I have the "What is it? I better eat to find out" mentality, as opposed to a cautious one. And I'm glad I did, because it turned out it was some sort of noodle dish, very spicy and fairly tame, considering what my family has eaten before.

Anyways, enough rambing. Yesterday was New Years and my mom made an elaborate, Idonesian dinner. Sticks of chicken Satay (kabobs) with peanut sauce, a spicy fried potato and shrimp and "petai" (pronounced like pate, though the "a" is pronounced like a softer "e") they look like this (FYI, they are called Stinky Beans, and for good reason too! I find it's one of those things that you either love it or hate it with a passion):

as well as cornish hens simmered in tumeric and other spices then deep friend, and my favorite, Tempeh and tofu cooked the same as the chicken. In the last couple of years tempeh has grown in popularity, mainly with vegetarians. I find it amusing because many people are trying to cook it in these extravagant ways, while I remember them cooked in my childhood in such simpler ways; either deep fried (tempeh goreng) and eaten with rice and ketchap manis (sweet soy sauce) or with green beans, shrimp, and petai (stinky beans). Yesterday though, before frying, my mom simmered them in tumeric and other spices, turning them this yellow color and giving them a delicious smell and taste. Of my whole family, everyone loves or at least likes tempeh, except for my dad! It looks like this before uncut:

Most people don't like tempeh, or they eat it to get protein, as a meat substitution. I'm not a vegetarian, but I just love eating tofu and tempeh because I like the taste.

Movies, and Make Up That Suprises You

I said this wouldn't be a make up blog, but so far I've been mostly talking about cosmetic or beauty related things. So, I will FINALLY talk about non-cosmetic based things. First of all, last night I watched one of the most amazing movies in awhile. It's called 'The Fall", and just so many things about it is amazing. First of all, it's a visual orgasm. I watched it in Blu Ray, but still, just... wow. WOW. They traveled to so many places to film it. Plus, I love all of the actors' performances and the characters. In the plot (I won't give away too much) basically, a little girl is getting a story told to her, and because you see the "story" from her imagination, some things are a little silly (for example, it is set back in the early 1900's, and in one part he says the man is an "Indian". Because she is foreign, she thinks it's an Indian from India, versus a Native American, which is what he really reffers to. Also, they characters in the story get saved by an swimming "elephant" in which you see an actual African/Asian elephant, when really he is reffering to a manatee) and the characters in the story are all portrayed by people she knows in real life. The little girl in the story is so endearing and adorable, it's ridiculous. It will make you laugh AND cry. It's just so amazing, you need to see it.

Anyways, here's a make up related thinga-majigger. Do you ever have make up products that totally surprise you? Either you expect it to be really crappy, but it turns out way better than you imagined? Or you expect it to blow you away, and it sucks? I've had an experience like that; a long while ago, I went to the store "Claires". Now, I know that about 99% of the products there suck, but sometimes they have cute, decently priced things. They had a sale on

"cosmetics", buy one get another item 50% off. And I spotted the most glorious thing; a huge stack of different glitters!

I am a glitter fiend, so immediately I got a "oooh!" response. I had to buy it. But I figure, hey, why not buy something else? So I tried to find something that may be worth buying, but the only other thing they had were (Crappy) nail polishes and some "make up" palettes. I know what makeup from stores like these are like, because I (unfortunately) used to buy them when I was still a very little girl. Talcy, no pigmentation whatsoever, full of glitter chunks, etc. But they were the cheapest thing, and for some reason, I wanted to mock this palette, to show "HAH I have risen above you level! I now play with the big dog make up brands!" so, insanely, I purchased this palette (it had the lid on when I bought it):


So I got home and pretty much abandoned it. No swatching, no playing, no mocking. That glitter stack was pretty much the apple of my eye for a while. Finally, about a week later, I remember the palette. So, removing the plastic wrapper, I opened it, waiting to be amused. But to my surprise... The shadows were pigmented! Some of them, not so much, but others (namely the greens and blues) were pigmented! Even more so than my shitty NYX shadows! The texture was quite silky as well. I was flabergasted. What, how?! Perhaps teeny boppers were starting to get more make up savvy and Claire's stepped up their game? Or maybe it was just an incredibly rare find. Whatever it was, it made me keep the palette. I don't use it much to this day, but it never ceases to amaze me. (FYI I forget the prices of both, but I know they were in the $5-$8 range).

Heavenly Natural Beauty Haul

Ahhh! My Heavenly Natural Beauty Haul arrived! Yay! Luckily I swatched and took pictures of them this afternoon, when the lighting was fairly decent. I got a total of 12 colors, for about $60 total (free shipping). I forgot when I ordered, but I think it took only three days or so to come. The area was pretty close, they ship from New Mexico, and I live in California, so no wonder! And now, with no further ado here are the swatches and pictures (FYI all swatches are without a base).

I didn’t label them because I put them basically in the same order in all three pictures, so you can see for yourself. I really like these. There was a little bit of fall out when I swatched these, but it’s a given with mineral make up, not to mention that the area I swatched then (underside of arm) is dry and doesn’t have as much oil as say, your eye lid, and thus the mineral pigments had nothing to stick too. The colors are vibrant, but a few don’t look as they did on the site. I am a little disappointed with the “Emo” pigment/liner (Props with the funny name though); I really wanted a matte black loose shadow! However it isn’t very pigmented, more charcoal than black. It’s still a nice color, though. Oh, and as I mentioned in the previous post, there is a duochrome in the bunch; “Earth Child” is a pretty taupe/tan brown with a gorgeous green duochrome shimmer! Of all the colors, Emo, Hypnotic, Deep Ocean, Nymph, and Rare Beauty were matte, the rest ranged from light shimmer to very shimmery. And I am very, incredibly pleased with Diva, can’t wait to use it in a look! It’s incredibly pigmented; I barely used any shadow at all with the swatches, and they turned out pretty vibrant. The price is amazing as well, so I would check them out if I were you!

Duochrome Madness

Hello. My name is Denise. And I'm addicted to Duo-Chromes. I don't know what about them makes them so appealing. So versatile, gorgeous... I suppose it's my obsession with color. I like to squeeze it anywhere possible. So the idea of squeezing two (possibly three; I do in fact own Trio-Chrome eye shadow and nail polishes!) colors into one? AMAZING. Plus, putting them over different bases (specifically dark bases like black) really transforms them. I love them, period. So today's post will be me talking about duo-chromes (And, here's a little tidbit; chrome is not named after the finish chrome, like the metal finish, but short for chromatic; color. And duo is obvious; two. So it means two color, basically. And thus a Trio, or Tri Chrome would be a three color e/s or nailpolish!).

First, nails. I neglect my nails, and my hands are gross. I still bite my nails, but it's even worse than most people, mainly because I don't limit the biting to only my nails; it's also to the skin around my nails. As a result my hands are often dry and gross, and I'm embarrassed of them. However, my love of color overpowers my shame so, it results in my nails being painted prettily. I haven't painted my nails in a long time, so I was wondering what to use. I have a whole collection of duochrome and trichrome nail polishes, because they were only $1.00 at Rhinomart. They're all by Rimmel, and the picture does them no justice:

Out of all my nail polishes, these four, hands down, are my favorite (and maybe Purple Passion from Milani, but it's too sheer!). The picture does them no justice, so I'll describe them in greater detail;

Pulsating: A hot fuschia with violet duochrome. When put over a black base (as I did) the violet stands out more; it reminds me of "Stars and Rockets" MAC e/s or Cosmic Violet from Ben Nye or Fishnet from Urban Decay in nailpolish form, except way more intense.

Fusion: A silver/blue/lavender TRI chrome. I haven't tried it over a black base, but I assume the blue and violet stand out more. Gorgeous.

Radical: Probably the most "subtle" of the trichromes. It's the most strangest, gorgeous, interesting color ever. I don't wear it over a black base because it's amazing on it's own. It has tan, gold, and violet in it! Looks different in different lighting. I think this one is probably my all time favorite.

Mania: Probably the most vibrant of the bunch. It's reminds me of the sea; it's a really intense cobalt blue with sea green and lime green and gold flecks. Also a Tri-Chrome. Over a black base, it looks like a blackened green with lime/gold shimmer.

I'm not sure if these colors are discontinued, but if they aren't, pick them up! They're amazing.

Anyways, the nail's I'm wearing now are "Pulsating" over a black base. Picture here:

See? Nasty hands. Haha.

Anyways, now onto lips. I just purchased a Smashbox gloss duochrome, but I already have pictures, and I only have a few. The only other one I have (and can think of at the moment) is "Queen of Africa" from NYX. It's a not-so obvious duochrome, it's kind of like a violet-orchid color. I don't really like purple on my lips, so I pair it with this pale pink lipstick from Avon called Pink Fantasie. Alone, I don't like these two products, but together they're amazing! And for an added duochrome effect, I add some Vellum e/s from MAC over it. I seriously love putting Vellum over my lipglosses; it makes them so pretty, not to mention tones down the glossiness, which sometimes I appreciate (because I don't want to look like I drooled all over myself). Pics here:

And I wasn't going to add this, but, eye shadow. I own only four duochromes, Vellum e/s from MAC and Label Whore e/s from Too Faced, and my two favorite from Physician's formula, both DISCONTINUED. They even had a duochrome liquid liner, but it dried up and I threw it away (it was this pretty sparkling black/blue/violet color). Anyways, here are the two colors;

Again, the pictures do these e/s no justice, so here's another description;

Metal Sun: A gold/orange/rusty pink duochrome. Sometimes, it even looks violet. My favorite of the two.

Electric Green: A green/turquoise/blue-violet color. I like it, but in certain lighting the green look's moldy, so I don't use it as much as Metal Sun.

Anyways, hope you enjoy DuoChrome and the ever so rare TriChrome cosmetic products. I think I may have a few more from Heavenly Natural Beauty, yay!

P.S. If you know any good duochrome or trichrome eye shadows, nail polishes, or lip glosses/sticks, let me know!

Hauling Results in Happy Wallets

So... you know how I said I would save my money? Well... I didn't. BUT I HAVE A JUSTIFIABLE REASON. The order I placed yesterday from Heavenly Natural Beauty was free- well, for me. My brother paid for it, "A late Christmas Gift". WOW. What a nice guy huh? Sixty bucks FOR FREE. If that wasn't enough I went to the Ontario Mills mall today, and decided "Hey, why not splurge a little?"

A little too much splurging, unfortunately. My "haul" only consisted of 5 items (beauty related). The rest were clothes and shoes, but I'm probably not going to discuss them in detail because, well, it's kind of boring. Anyways, first, I went to this place called "Planet Beauty". I've been wanting to buy Tweezerman tweezers for ages, and they never have them at the local Sephoras. I opted not to buy one online, and just bought it there. It was a plain stainless steel one, $20 (I wanted a colored one, but the only colored ones they had were pointed...). I also saw some very pretty Smashbox glosses for $18 each. Every time I purchase make up, I've always been a "more focus on the eyes" kinda gal, mainly because you can play with color more so there than your lips or cheeks (you can't have blue or purple or green lips!). So as my "New Years Resolution" I plan on buying more lip and cheek products. Which is what I did. A few of the glosses caught my eye. I decided on two of them. But then, hey, why not three? Of course, in my mind I thought of the costs separately (Oh it's just $18!) but together plus tax; the four items were $80. At the cash register, this is my (mental) reaction: "HOLY F$()@*#)*@*(%$#CK!!!!!!". Of course, on the outside, I kept my composure and a placid smile.

Even though it was a lot of money, I'm glad I bought them, I do not regret my purchases whatsoever. After weeks (I began to look like a Yeti) of lazy Winter-break-lack-of-tweezing, I set these Tweezers to work. Part of me wishes I took a "before" and "after picture" (because seriously, I was plucking so fast I swore there was smoke coming out of those tweezers!), goddamn my brows were hairy. But they're nice and tidy and plucked now. I keep admiring them in the mirror, because I'm a freak.

I also really like my glosses, I was kind of worried I would have colors similar to them, but luckily I don't. Even those that seem like they might seem similar, the formula and texture made all the difference. Anyways, the three glosses were in (btw, I'm taking all the color descriptions from the lovely Sephora) Candid (a sheer pink-rose with gold shimmer), Flash (a slightly more opaque shimmering golden coral), and Electric (a fuchsia pink with blue-toned shimmer). Of the three, Flash was the most opaque, Electric was slightly less opaque, and Candid was very sheer. FYI Electric SO does not look like the Sephora online picture. You need to fix that Sephora! Also, I found this kind of weird, all of the brushes were the typical felt tip (is that what you called them?) applicators, except for Candid which uses a brush. Hmmm. Wonder why? I don't really have a favorite, but if I had to pick, I think it may be Electric. Mainly because I'm a big fan of the fuchsia/magenta/hot pink lip gloss, not to mention the pretty blue shimmer. And you know what that means; whiter looking teeth! That's always a huge plus. Anyways, enough of my yapping; swatches here:

(different lighting)

(different lighting, and why did I type "Electro" instead of Electric?! Haha sorry, I'm weird that way.)

Now to see them on my lips, hehehe:

Sorry about my lighting, the colors don't look as vibrant as they do in real life. But I'm too lazy to try and retake pictures with better lighting, haha.

Anyways, the rest is pretty much boring (more boring?) from here on out. Victoria's Secret was having it's semi-annual sale, which to me equals cheap beauty products. Of course, I didn't have much money left after the lip glosses and tweezers... so I only bought one thing. Not to mention there weren't many things left there, a lot of nail polishes, a few lip glosses, and some body powders. I don't really use body powders and their lip glosses looked kind of "ew", so I picked out my favorite nail polish shade. I don't have a color like this; it's called "Cocktail". It looks different in different lighting. It's sort of a pink-y, coral, fluorescent orange shade with very subtle gold shimmers. It kind of reminds me of "Vegas Volt" lipstick from MAC in nail polish form, except with little shimmers in it. The nail polish was only $2.88 with tax!!! I had four I originally wanted to buy, I wish I atleast bought two (there was this mauve-pink with purple and blue shimmer in it- wahhh! So pretty) Anyways, swatches here:

(different lighting)

On my fingers (excuse my gross fingers, Winter is a bitch. Also, yes, I AM inadvertently flipping you off!)

Anyways that is all. To tired to talk about clothes that I bought, however I must quickly gush about my shoes. I got these suede mocasin-flat type shoes with cute ribbon detailing, and the lining is with some sort of faux-fur. They're really comfortable (and we're fairly cheap, just $19.99!). I also got some ecosneaks from Simple! I've been wanting these for a long time, and for awhile I thought I could only buy them online. Basically they're really cool; made out of recycled material and hemp. I don't see the style I have on the website anymore, but basically if you're curious they're in the style called "Satire", but the light blue with a small orange band trim style I own (trust me, it's cuter in person) isn't there. Oh well. I like them, but I kind of like the other styles online better. I wanted this one:

But -sigh- you can't always get what you want. Heh.

*Groan* I am such a NERD

Why do things like these make me giggle like a mad man?

Geez. I blame my parents. And Harry Potter. Damnit.

Tell me if you get this. Otherwise, it's official; I'm insane. And I lack a sense of humor.

Kyuub Cravings

Is an obsession still considered an obsession when one knows he or she is obsessed? Either way, I am fully aware I have a more than healthy fascination with collecting, using, and just anything pertaining to makeup. Recently for Christmas I've received not one, but TWO things I have been coveting FOREVER. What are they? The Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette and the Kryolan 24 Aquacolor Palette:

Yes, I am aware that the site I bought them from (Bubba Sikes) sells clown make up, which probably is a normal's person's representation of how I apply my makeup. However, it's the cheapest place on the net that sell these two palettes, and it's so worth my dad making fun of my "clown make up".

I know it's pretty late. People have been gushing about these two products/ brands for awhile now. I thought that because of how great everyone said it was, I would be pleased, but not amazed. How wrong I was. You know you're a makeup addict when you spend about ten minutes playing with your palette, admiring every little pot without even touching a single color. I'm a freak. Sorry.

I've been telling myself that to cut down on my avid makeup buying; I'd ONLY buy large palettes, and thus cut down on the need for me to buy other stuff. My only other huge buy were to be the two humongous 88 color palettes from Coastalscents. But I cave. I horribly, awfully caved. Damn Christmas, the majority of my relatives gave me money, because I really don't specify what I want (considering most are on the internet, and my relatives don't really believe in internet shopping). I told myself I would save it (mainly I'm saving it for the Hello Kitty MAC release in February. Think I can keep my money that long? We'll see), but NOO. I just had to see the most amazingly, gorgeous, vibrant, candy colored FOTD/Tutorial EVER (I'll put a link to it if you want). It featured this brand called Heavenly Natural Beauty. I swore, I drooled all over my keyboard. Now, there are a lot of "Mineral Make Up" sites out there, and I can usually force myself not to buy anything. Why did I cave this time?

I guess I should explain. I'm a sucker for purple. I'd like to say I do not discarnate against color (accept the nasty ones that look like they would be the product of bodily secretions); I equally love my reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples. Roy G. Biv is my best friend. But I have a soft spot for purple. Or should I say, violet. I love me some violet. And I don't know about you, but BRIGHT AS FUCK violet colors are hard to fine. Of the supposed "bright" violet colors I've tried (Urban Decay's Ransom and Ben Nye's Amethyst) just have left me with a yearn, a challenge, "Is this the brightest purple? Or am I destined for a life with below-average purples?" (FYI, I have tried all the purples I've encountered with just about every base/cream shadow/ etc known) BUT OH. OH HO HO. No more yearn. For I saw the most gorgeous purple ever. I nearly imploded from sheer amazement. Heavenly Natural Beauty makes a color called "Diva". I wanted to cry; it was the most glorious purple I have ever SEEN. I know there were a few purples I have yet to try (Make Up Forever's 92 and assorted gorgeous purple shades from Lime Crime), but I was afraid of more disappointment. I had already seen this blessed color in action; and I wanted it.

And it all just snowballed from there. Then I told myself "Whoah whoah whoah! Only $4.99?! Well, I can't just buy ONE..." then it went to "OH. Free shipping over $50?! Well, I might as well..." and then finally "Bah, what's a few more gonna hurt?". The total was about $60 for 12, TWELVE eye dust/shadows/etc. That's a lot! And they give you a lot! I say it's worth it. But besides spending my various MAC or Sephora gift cards, I will nix the make up buying. Sigh.

But that Dame Edna collection does have some gorgeous lipglasses... (I'm looking at you, Possum Nose Pink!)

I'll swatch my Heavenly Natural Beauty "haul" (hehehe, I thought I'd never hear myself say that!) when I receive it, for it seems there aren't that many swatches on it. Hoorahhh!

An Introduction, of Sorts

So, I suppose this is an introduction.

I'm not very good at introductions. I'd just like to throw that out there. I usual portray myself far worse or greater than what I am. So, I'm going to say to disregard this whole post. Actually, maybe this post shouldn't even exist. But then, if the same rule applies, will my second post also not portray me correctly? What if it's a domino effect; perhaps none of my posts will ever portray me correctly. Let's just stick with that. Anyways, where was I?

Instead of talking about me, I'll try to talk about what I plan to do with this blog... thing. I'm pretty much going to talk about what I like. And think, obviously. Mostly it will be focused on positives (things I like). I'll try not to talk about life that much, because quite honestly my life is more boring and monotonous than Sisyphus (see sophomore English teacher, an allusion! Aren't you proud?). Oh, and before I get. I curse. Quite frequently. I'm sure it's not very lady-like, and my mother would have a heart attack if she were to see how much I cursed, but what you don't know won't hurt you, right? Anyways, what do I like, and what do I plan to talk about? Here's the basic list (may be updated or changed in the future... who knows?):

  • Make-up. Yes, I have succumbed to my want for a "make up blog". Except, I won't call it a make-up blog, mainly because I ramble too much to talk solely on make up, not to mention I don't know if I'm particularly interesting or different enough to actually deserve a make-up blog. And I'm going to stop using hyphens when I type makeup or make up because I think it takes too much time even though it looks better that way. Also, I'm severely poor. I lack monetary funds to buy loads and loads of deliciously glorious make up to swatch and review for any one who wants to know. My makeup collection, while large for the average person, is utterly MINISCULE compared to most accomplished makeup aficionados (and I probably spelt that wrong).

  • Bodily ornaments. Aka, clothing, accessories, etc. Now, let me explain. I am no way a professional or know what the hell I am doing. I probably can't tell you what would look good on your body/skin type. I can't dress you. Hell, I can barely dress myself. When I discuss this, it will most likely be in an adoring fashion (pun INTENDED).

  • Crafty little tidbits. I am a very amateur "seamstress" and accessories maker. I like making cute little things to wear in my hair. Is that so wrong? (Don't judge me!) So yeah. I dunno.

  • Okay, so you know how I said I wouldn't talk about life? I lied. I might. Maybe. I'll try to make in interesting, but not embellish. So if something of interest happens to me, perhaps I will talk about it. But it's rare. Sorry?

  • Just little artistic endeavors in general. My first was well, the technical stuff. Using graphite pencils, colored pencils, water colors, acrylic. I can't forget the basics. It's what branched out into my love of color and (ahem) make up addiction. It's what made who I am. It's what made me realize "Hey, make up, hair, clothes and accessories don't HAVE to be functional. They can blend the line of art and function!" Which is probably my number one love. Blurring the line. Turning the oh-so boring homo sapien into a working piece of art. Oh, if only I could become world dictator...

  • I might talk about books. Or writing. I like to write little short stories. I might post them. Probably not. And I might talk about books. Send me book recommendations, okay? I'm an avid book worm. Blame my father. And Harry Potter. Damn you, Harry Potter. (FYI, I like fiction. Favorite writer? Francesca Lia Block, most definitely. God, she is amazing. If I had a smidge less sanity than I do now, I would most likely build a shrine to that woman. Her writing is like a literary orgasm).

  • Other things. I go off on tangents often. This blog will probably be 90% tangent. I apologize. I live in a tangent orchard. (Or is that tangerine...). OH. WHICH REMINDS ME. I use a lot of puns. And double entendres. And other... stupid literary thingy-mabobbers. I can't help it. It's genetic.

Okay, well, I suppose that is all for now. I am probably going to be hypocritical and do nothing like what I talked about. Geez. I have a head ache now.