Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Am A Neglectful Soul!

**WARNING: The following post may contain pictures with some mild-medium fake gore (it's all Special Effects Make Up); if you posses a weak stomach, you're squeamish, or you are eating/just have eaten, I advise from reading this post. Kthnx.**

Alright, so being the procrastinator I am, I didn't realize till Thursday night that Kim (aka SuicideBLondEx on Youtube)'s contest was ending on Friday night. Of course, it was too late to film (I HATE artificial lighting) so I had to wait the following day. Meanwhile, I brainstormed. I knew for sure my look was going to be based somewhat on the Blood Brothers; the imagery in their lyrics awes me, and I just think the unique image of their band would be something awesome to create. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to do it based on a video, an album cover (Crimes is my favorite album cover of theirs) or a song. I finally decided on "Set Fire to the Face on Fire" which is a song on the album, Young Machetes. Video of the song below.

I guess it was a weird choice, personally I don't think it is one of their most "eloquent" songs when it came to imagery (I was kind of pushing towards "Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy" or "Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers" or even "Burn Piano Island, Burn"), but something about it just grabbed me. Plus, I just love the beginning of the song (I often find myself saying "Fire, fire, fire!" and no one knowing what the hell I am talking about).

Originally I though, oh, take it literally, a flame eye. But no, me being the tricky, over the top mofo that I am, I decided "hey, that's boring. If you're taking it literally, take it MORE literally. You do have this liter of liquid latex just SITTING HERE gathering dust!"

So yeah. I don't feel like typing more. I also was being a sneaky little but and tried to be funny. Initially for the video I was just going to be like "here is mah face .__. " but after that I decided to pretend to get into an "accident", and then, remembering a Ms. jpmetz's accident, decided to pay homage to that :]
Pics && video below

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  1. good luck! :)
    the right side of your face looks pretty realistic! :P