Monday, April 20, 2009

I Finally Got the 88 Palettes!

So, initially this was disastrous. Yesterday I was checking my mail (I didn't have time during the weekend) only to discover, to my dismay, that my 88 palettes from Starsmakeuphaven had arrived (supposedly) at my house on Friday. Uhm, yeah, I checked all day; no package in sight! I thought that there was either some sort of mistake, or someone stole my package, but I wasn't overly worried, because luckily I paid for insurance on my package, and it would be replaced. My brother, who works at UPS, and obviously is more knowledgeable about package delivery (is it just me or does that sound mildly perverse?) and told me to wait till Monday.
And I did. And I'm glad that I did because they are here! They are just as pigmented and gorgeous as everyone says they are, I am very impressed. I do not refer to mine as the "CS palettes" only because I didn't buy them there. The reason? One, Starsmakeuphaven ships from Ohio, while Coastal Scents ships from Florida. I live all the way at the end of the West Coast, so obviously Ohio is a shorter distance, and thus, shipping is much cheaper (I think it was three dollars without insurance versus seven dollars). Also, the palettes are about a few bucks cheaper. It doesn't seem that much when you think about it, but put it together and I saved about six dollars, which I used to be able to buy insurance for my package as well as some little sitck on magnets for my MAC palette. Huzzah!

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