Saturday, April 25, 2009

To Tutorial or Not to Tutorial?

I feel like I've written this in an earlier post, but oh well, I'll do it again.

I've always contemplated if I should do make up tutorials on Youtube. But it seems like everyone and their mother has a Youtube now; I think it takes an exceptional amount of skill, originality, personality, and well, even just plain luck to really be an accomplished Make Up Guru on Youtube. Still, part of me wants to do it. So here is a list, a personal list, of the Pros and Cons of posting video tutorials.

Cons (first, because, you know, I am a raging pessimist):
- I'm really shy. Like, very very very shy. I don't think my personality comes off well on camera.
- I don't like the way I look. Which I know, every woman/man has that little, eensy self-conscious voice in their head, but are still relatively comfortable. That's not me, of course. Which brings me to my next one;
- I'm not sure if I'd be able to take the haters on Youtube. I mean, I wouldn't start crying every time someone says I suck or something, but still. Bleh.
- Skill. I'm paranoid I'm not skilled enough. I see some gurus and I think I am about the same level (if not better), but still, it's not only skill. You have to have an interesting personality, and make it a joy to watch you. I don't know if I'll be able to do that.
- Money! I don't own as many cosmetics as some Youtube gurus (but I do own enough, I think), and I don't go on a bajillion hauls. Though I think this is the least important factor
- My camera. It sucks. I don't think it takes as High Quality pictures as I would want it to. And don't even get me started on my webcam.
- My age. I think there is only one guru (who will not be named) that is my age. I am seventeen. Will people take a seventeen year old seriously?

Now, on to the pros!

- I think I have pretty original ideas. I try to stay away from the norm, and I actually have a list compiled of possible looks/video ideas.
- I know I'm not the worst at make up, haha. I know that doesn't sound very optimistic, but I don't want to come off as conceited and say "Oh, I think I'm a lot better than some make up gurus on Youtube", but, I guess I will. I think I'm better than a lot of them (of course, this is not to say I think I am better than ALL of them. Hell, there are some that so surpass the level I am at I am in pure awe of their skill).
- I have an art background. I think this goes hand in hand with the two previous pros; this background has pretty much been my saving grace. That is why Kryolan Aquacolors have been so easy to use for me; they are nothing compared to trying to control how much water you use in a watercolor painting. Not to mention the color wheel. Color wheel, schmotherwheel; been there, done that.
- I know this is going to sound really self centered, but this is an outlet for me. I really have no one to share my make up looks with. On Flickr sometimes, but I don't really have a group of friends, let alone acquaintances from the make up community. All of my friends are not interested in make up, or not to the near point of obsession (or euphemistically, dedication) that I am.
- I think I have an interesting personality, and hopefully, one that is enjoying to watch over the internet (at least, after I get over the initial shyness).

I can't think of anymore, but that's it. I think I will start putting FOTDS and EOTDS up here, as opposed to only on Flickr. And maybe, if I compile enough looks, I can make a make up looks sideshow? Because I've noticed, that is usually the first step before making actual tutorials, and it makes sense. It's like testing the waters before jumping in; if people actually express they want to see your tutorials, then, make them. If no one does then, well, you get the hint.


  1. I like the idea bout adding FOTDS and EOTDS on ur blog :)

  2. Yknow what? Go for it.
    I've been thinking about it for a while too, but I don't think I have the confidence at all. I'm seventeen too ^_^ but I wouldn't have thought you were - I guessed you might be 19 or 20.
    If you started making tutorials I'd definitely subscribe. You're right, you have a lot of originality that so many of the YouTube 'gurus' are seriously lacking. It amazes me how some of them even became so 'famous' (for want of a better word) or how they got so many subscribers - I guess it's just luck of the draw for some people but if you've got enough talent, which I'm quite sure you have, you shouldn't have too much of a hard time getting noticed.
    As for personality - I really enjoy reading your posts, I mean I literally only just started reading your blog but you have a linguistic flair that really shines and I think if you're as enjoyable to watch as you are to read, you've got nothing to worry about!
    So, if you decide to go ahead with it, good luck! :)