Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas... haul? o__o

So, I contemplated doing a video on this, but I didn't want it to seem like I was bragging. Also, I wasn't in the mood to be talking, plus I am too lazy to put makeup on/dress nice for a video, etc. Lazyyyyy blog post.

Speaking about lazy, Do Not Refreeze tagged me with the "I Love Your Blog" tag (so flattered! :3 And I agree... I need to post more. Rofl), a maillion-bajillion years ago, and I have yet to thank her. I suck. So, THANK YOU :D I would tag 15 other people but uh... nah. Haha.

ANYWAYS. Uhm. This is what I got for Christmas, only two items are beauty related:

First, one of my brothers went to the Nintendo store in NYC and brought be back two pokemon plushies; mudkip and A GIANT PIPLUP. This excites me greatly, haha. He also bought be DJ Hero (ridiculous, right?!), but I didn't feel like taking a picture of it, haha.

Then, my other brother bought me a train case, which looks like this:

What's funny is I didn't ask him for anything. In fact, I didn't ask either of my brothers for anything. Not only am I happy for the gifts (obviously) but it shows that they actually know me well enough/pay attention to me to know how to get me gifts I like, haha!

And inside the train case, to my surprise, I found:


The Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box! I was really surprised, I wasn't expecting anything inside! I can't say I really wanted it, but a gift is a gift, and I am grateful. Plus, of the six shades, I only own one (Smog, it's from the Wallpaper Shadow Box, which I own). Flash looks promising, maybe I'm biased because I'm a freak for purple.

All of my other gifts were just money, and my parent's gift to me is a new phone, which I SERIOUSLY need. I still own a Razr. It works well enough, but it's seriously a pain in the ass to text with. I take FOREVER. Plus, I want a phone I can use Twitter with. I'm a Twitter freak :P

All in all it was a good Christmas. I find it funny that of my two brothers, I got gifts exploring my two sides; my love for nerdy nerdom, and my love for beauty related gifts. I was going to add something introspective and profound, but all I can think about at the moment is how bad I want to play DJ Hero. Tootle-loo!


  1. Haha yay!
    Those plushies are freaking win, and that train case is sexy as hell! I really need new storage solutions next year!
    I have no idea why, but we don't have the Show Pony shadow box here in the UK - instead we have the Preen shadow box which is the same colours but different name and packaging :( haha

  2. @k Piplups! :D

    @Leanne: Oh wow, that is weird o__O Well, I know that they hired some artist or whatnot to design it, so maybe they hired one artist for the UK version, and another for the US version? Who knows. Cosmetics companies are weird that way.