Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Have a New Found Love

WHAAOOOO! Two blog posts in one day! Redonkulous!

Anywho, I was looking at some of my old makeup that I haven't used in forever, (or in this case, used at all) and I remembered my little ol' container of Reflects Copper that I got from the MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics collection. I was in love with the texture; it was my first reflects glitter (and it will definitely NOT be my last), and I highly recommend them, even to glitter-phobes. Reflects glitters are so finely milled they seem more like pigments then actual glitter chunks. I'm not sure if they are eye safe, but I do believe MAC claims glitters are not eye safe only as to not get sued. Speaking of reflects glitters, I REALLY REALLY want Reflects Transparent Teal, Reflects Purple Duo, and Reflects Very Pink. GAHH! Actually, I want all of the Reflects glitters <3

So, anyways, I was wondering of ways I could possibly use Reflects Copper. I had already played around with it on the eyes, but what about the lips? It was a pretty versatile color; brown enough to be used on the eyes without making one look bloodshot, but not too brown as to look unnatural on the lips. The result?

A gorgeous gloss! I mixed the Reflects Copper with a not so pigmented gold Victoria's Secret gloss, and it came out lovely. I think this would be best with a lipstick or more pigmented lipgloss underneath, but seriously, wow! I need to wear this out <3

*P.S. I am not affiliated with MAC cosmetics (or any other companies I have mentioned on this blog or post). At all. I don't work for them. Because if I did, I would own a lot more of their products.

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