Saturday, February 6, 2010

Horrible Fanfiction

So yesterday two of my friends came over, and we were reading one of the worst fanfics of all time; My Immortal. So we thought it would be a good idea to write our own.

Only one chapter, but we hope to lengthen it. Here you go:

The Jonas Brothers Meet Edward Cullen

Chapter 1: Edward the vampire meets the jo-bros
“Hi, my name is Edwurd Cullen.” Said Edwuard culen to the joanas brothers. “I am a vampire, and I like your music. I like MCR and Hawthorne Heights and Slipknot and other goffick music to.” Edward was a vampire for as long as he had remember, he was biSt by Frank Sintatra (because he did many sins and was an aevil vampire too) when he was a kid too. He was kawaii ^_^ but he didn’t like being a vampire. He tried eating regular food but his toof hurt because vampires can only eat blood and not normal food because it hurts their tooths. “Oh hi, we’re the jonas brothers!” said the brothers happily, they didn’t know that Edward was a vampire because his teeth wheren’t sharp and ugly like those old vampires like Frankenstein and Nosfrtatu.

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