Saturday, January 30, 2010

Old FOTD & blah & MAC Spring Colour Forecast

So, before I go on to a regular post, I must say that... one of my IRL frinds is following my blog. Not that I mind, I don't really care, but it's kind of awkward considering he is a straight boy who is uninterested in makeup (which is what I usually talk about) and thus will find my posts really boring. Just saying.

With that said, I realize how vain and petty beauty blogging must be to someone totally uninterested in this. Like, my upcomming FOTD probably seems really vain. The thing is, I don't take pictures of myself to be like "ADMIRE ME, MOTHER TRUCKERS". To be honest, I could give a flying fruck about how I look like, but rather, if my makeup (note: MAKEUP, not me) looks hot.

Anyways, this is a FOTD from Saturday (super late, I know). It was really simple and pretty and I liked it. I'm not going to list everything I used, but I did use Natural Flare beauty powder loose on my cheeks, and wet it to use on my eyelids. Makes such a pretty wash of color <3 Then I put a matte chocolate brown in the crease, and a neutral matte color to blend it all out (both were from the 88 palette). The lips? Chapstick. Hahaha. For the blush, I did something different and used a mix of mostly Cosmic Violet Ben Nye Lumiere Eyeshadow, with a touch of MUFE #92 (and when I say touch, I really mean VERY little). It was sort of something different, but after buffing it out it looked less bruise-like, and a very nice plummy pink. Eyebrows were also the 88 palette, and my staple K-Palette Tattoo Liner, and Lancome Definicils Mascara.

Anywhooo I've been trying to be a good little girl and save for IMATS L.A. and Anime Expo but... uh... the upcomming MAC Spring Collection is making this REALLY difficult. Take a look see at my wish list:

1. Eyeshadow – Very Violet - $14.50
2. Eyeshadow – Lala - $14.50
3. Eyeshadow – Hot Hot Hot - $14.50
4. Crush Metal Pigments – Stacked 1! - $32.50
5. Eyeshadow Quad – Colour 3 - $36.00
6. Eyeshadow Quad – Colour 4 - $36.00
7. Lipstick – Fresh Salmon - $14.00
8. Lipstick – Victorian - $14.00
9. Lipstick – Bubblegum - $14.00
10. Lipglass – Kumquat - $14.00
11. Lipglass – Hush, Hush Rose - $14.00
12. Lipglass – Electric Fuchsia - $14.00
13. Blush Ombre – Ripe Peach - $25.00
Total: $243

... I hate not having money. Hopefully some of the above mentioned items, when I see in person, will not tempt me as much and I can skip on them. But seriously, why is this collection SO HUGE? Does MAC not realize we're in an economic frickin' recession? Grr. Damn you MAC. Damn you.

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