Monday, August 17, 2009

Tagged! o:

I have been tagged by the lovely and gorgeous Do Not Refreeze. This is my first ever tag! Huzzah! I don't tag anyone though because not enough people read/follow my blog... so, whoever wants to do it, I guess :D

1. First of all go to your 'Pictures' folder (I'm pretty sure you all know where it is) then simply click your first album of pictures.

2. Count down your photos to your lucky 10th number. But it must be a picture that hasn’t been tampered with or named and you can’t pick one you've already posted on blogger.

3. Lastly post your wonderful picture and tell us all the amazing story that goes with it. Sounds fun ay! Oh and don't forget to tag 5 more people when your done!

So basically... this picture is of my two aunts and one of my aunt's husband (the one on the left is his wife). The two aunts are my mom's sisters. Uh... this was at a restaurant (a rather shitty one I may add) for my 17th Birthday, and I don't know... this picture is just amusing to me, because it shows how freain NOSY my whole family is. But I say this in the nicest, most endearing way possible! I love my family <3 (fyi, I have a shitload of aunts and uncles. My mom has NINE brothers and sisters!!! Same with my dad, he has 8 brothers and sisters I think).

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