Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh hi there, China Glaze

So I've been a bit... MIA... when it comes to Blogging. Not that I am a very constant Blogger, I am very lazy. But anyways, Swapmeet again! And you know what that means!

...No, you don't?
This time none of the OPI colors I saw were very appealing, but what did grab me were the Chinaglaze colors. Which is why I ended up buying 8 nailpolishes.
5 for $5, and 3 for $9. So 8 for $14 isn't bad!

I am so excited to paint my nails, eee!

Left to right: Recycle, Shower Together, Tree Hugger, and Don't be a Square

L-R: Let's Do it in 3-D, In the Limelight, Orange Knockout, and On the Prowl


  1. Oh my wooord! Don't Be A Square, Let's Do It In 3D and On The Prowl look UHMAZING!

    I miss you blogs. Stop being a lazy ass blogger ;P

  2. It's Kalyn! read my blog, too D!

    anyway---this is frick frackin' fantastic. I think I will run to my Sally's right nao and pick up all those colors as I've been eyeing TreeHugger for quite some time. I <3 green.

  3. i need to get more bright colors! :P very pretty :) thnx for the swatches