Monday, February 9, 2009

Kyuub Cravings

Is an obsession still considered an obsession when one knows he or she is obsessed? Either way, I am fully aware I have a more than healthy fascination with collecting, using, and just anything pertaining to makeup. Recently for Christmas I've received not one, but TWO things I have been coveting FOREVER. What are they? The Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette and the Kryolan 24 Aquacolor Palette:

Yes, I am aware that the site I bought them from (Bubba Sikes) sells clown make up, which probably is a normal's person's representation of how I apply my makeup. However, it's the cheapest place on the net that sell these two palettes, and it's so worth my dad making fun of my "clown make up".

I know it's pretty late. People have been gushing about these two products/ brands for awhile now. I thought that because of how great everyone said it was, I would be pleased, but not amazed. How wrong I was. You know you're a makeup addict when you spend about ten minutes playing with your palette, admiring every little pot without even touching a single color. I'm a freak. Sorry.

I've been telling myself that to cut down on my avid makeup buying; I'd ONLY buy large palettes, and thus cut down on the need for me to buy other stuff. My only other huge buy were to be the two humongous 88 color palettes from Coastalscents. But I cave. I horribly, awfully caved. Damn Christmas, the majority of my relatives gave me money, because I really don't specify what I want (considering most are on the internet, and my relatives don't really believe in internet shopping). I told myself I would save it (mainly I'm saving it for the Hello Kitty MAC release in February. Think I can keep my money that long? We'll see), but NOO. I just had to see the most amazingly, gorgeous, vibrant, candy colored FOTD/Tutorial EVER (I'll put a link to it if you want). It featured this brand called Heavenly Natural Beauty. I swore, I drooled all over my keyboard. Now, there are a lot of "Mineral Make Up" sites out there, and I can usually force myself not to buy anything. Why did I cave this time?

I guess I should explain. I'm a sucker for purple. I'd like to say I do not discarnate against color (accept the nasty ones that look like they would be the product of bodily secretions); I equally love my reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples. Roy G. Biv is my best friend. But I have a soft spot for purple. Or should I say, violet. I love me some violet. And I don't know about you, but BRIGHT AS FUCK violet colors are hard to fine. Of the supposed "bright" violet colors I've tried (Urban Decay's Ransom and Ben Nye's Amethyst) just have left me with a yearn, a challenge, "Is this the brightest purple? Or am I destined for a life with below-average purples?" (FYI, I have tried all the purples I've encountered with just about every base/cream shadow/ etc known) BUT OH. OH HO HO. No more yearn. For I saw the most gorgeous purple ever. I nearly imploded from sheer amazement. Heavenly Natural Beauty makes a color called "Diva". I wanted to cry; it was the most glorious purple I have ever SEEN. I know there were a few purples I have yet to try (Make Up Forever's 92 and assorted gorgeous purple shades from Lime Crime), but I was afraid of more disappointment. I had already seen this blessed color in action; and I wanted it.

And it all just snowballed from there. Then I told myself "Whoah whoah whoah! Only $4.99?! Well, I can't just buy ONE..." then it went to "OH. Free shipping over $50?! Well, I might as well..." and then finally "Bah, what's a few more gonna hurt?". The total was about $60 for 12, TWELVE eye dust/shadows/etc. That's a lot! And they give you a lot! I say it's worth it. But besides spending my various MAC or Sephora gift cards, I will nix the make up buying. Sigh.

But that Dame Edna collection does have some gorgeous lipglasses... (I'm looking at you, Possum Nose Pink!)

I'll swatch my Heavenly Natural Beauty "haul" (hehehe, I thought I'd never hear myself say that!) when I receive it, for it seems there aren't that many swatches on it. Hoorahhh!

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