Monday, February 9, 2009

An Introduction, of Sorts

So, I suppose this is an introduction.

I'm not very good at introductions. I'd just like to throw that out there. I usual portray myself far worse or greater than what I am. So, I'm going to say to disregard this whole post. Actually, maybe this post shouldn't even exist. But then, if the same rule applies, will my second post also not portray me correctly? What if it's a domino effect; perhaps none of my posts will ever portray me correctly. Let's just stick with that. Anyways, where was I?

Instead of talking about me, I'll try to talk about what I plan to do with this blog... thing. I'm pretty much going to talk about what I like. And think, obviously. Mostly it will be focused on positives (things I like). I'll try not to talk about life that much, because quite honestly my life is more boring and monotonous than Sisyphus (see sophomore English teacher, an allusion! Aren't you proud?). Oh, and before I get. I curse. Quite frequently. I'm sure it's not very lady-like, and my mother would have a heart attack if she were to see how much I cursed, but what you don't know won't hurt you, right? Anyways, what do I like, and what do I plan to talk about? Here's the basic list (may be updated or changed in the future... who knows?):

  • Make-up. Yes, I have succumbed to my want for a "make up blog". Except, I won't call it a make-up blog, mainly because I ramble too much to talk solely on make up, not to mention I don't know if I'm particularly interesting or different enough to actually deserve a make-up blog. And I'm going to stop using hyphens when I type makeup or make up because I think it takes too much time even though it looks better that way. Also, I'm severely poor. I lack monetary funds to buy loads and loads of deliciously glorious make up to swatch and review for any one who wants to know. My makeup collection, while large for the average person, is utterly MINISCULE compared to most accomplished makeup aficionados (and I probably spelt that wrong).

  • Bodily ornaments. Aka, clothing, accessories, etc. Now, let me explain. I am no way a professional or know what the hell I am doing. I probably can't tell you what would look good on your body/skin type. I can't dress you. Hell, I can barely dress myself. When I discuss this, it will most likely be in an adoring fashion (pun INTENDED).

  • Crafty little tidbits. I am a very amateur "seamstress" and accessories maker. I like making cute little things to wear in my hair. Is that so wrong? (Don't judge me!) So yeah. I dunno.

  • Okay, so you know how I said I wouldn't talk about life? I lied. I might. Maybe. I'll try to make in interesting, but not embellish. So if something of interest happens to me, perhaps I will talk about it. But it's rare. Sorry?

  • Just little artistic endeavors in general. My first was well, the technical stuff. Using graphite pencils, colored pencils, water colors, acrylic. I can't forget the basics. It's what branched out into my love of color and (ahem) make up addiction. It's what made who I am. It's what made me realize "Hey, make up, hair, clothes and accessories don't HAVE to be functional. They can blend the line of art and function!" Which is probably my number one love. Blurring the line. Turning the oh-so boring homo sapien into a working piece of art. Oh, if only I could become world dictator...

  • I might talk about books. Or writing. I like to write little short stories. I might post them. Probably not. And I might talk about books. Send me book recommendations, okay? I'm an avid book worm. Blame my father. And Harry Potter. Damn you, Harry Potter. (FYI, I like fiction. Favorite writer? Francesca Lia Block, most definitely. God, she is amazing. If I had a smidge less sanity than I do now, I would most likely build a shrine to that woman. Her writing is like a literary orgasm).

  • Other things. I go off on tangents often. This blog will probably be 90% tangent. I apologize. I live in a tangent orchard. (Or is that tangerine...). OH. WHICH REMINDS ME. I use a lot of puns. And double entendres. And other... stupid literary thingy-mabobbers. I can't help it. It's genetic.

Okay, well, I suppose that is all for now. I am probably going to be hypocritical and do nothing like what I talked about. Geez. I have a head ache now.

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