Monday, February 9, 2009

HUGE Repost; Cruel and Unusual Punishment

So I made the jump from Wordpress to blogger... mostly because I like blogger better, and it's far easier to use for me. So all those posts are way old, since I only had a few entries in my other blog. Hm... so, I really have neglected my blog(s) for awhile, I told myself I wasn't going to do that... oh well.
Also, I am severely lacking in the make up department. You have no idea. I don't want to sound like a typical whiny teenager (though I pretty much am, in a sense), my mom has taken punishment to new extremes (due to a not-so-satisfactory report card). What is this punishment you ask? She pretty much took my make up. Not all of it, which I actually consider pretty generous, but most of it, about half. I think mainly my eye shdows and whatnot. She's not SO strict that she took everything; she atleast left me my face stuff so I wouldn't look dead or hideous. Plus I have all of my lip products, and a few liners, mascaras, and other assorted things. The only eye shadows I have are neutral colors, and a few colorful Claire's "not as shitty as I expected" palette, but I miss my Ben Nye and Kryolan and Urban Decay and Make Up Forever palettes ever so terribly. I never realized how much I would miss them. I'll post pictures of what I have maybe later. In a way, it's good; it's forced me to use shadows I hardly ever use, and focus on technique and precision versus color. When my grades are brought up (the next report comes in a few weeks, and I've been doing good in school so I BETTER get my make up back!) I will have my make up back. So, geez, is that a motivator or what?

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