Monday, February 16, 2009

Haul and Rant

This week(s) has been interesting. I really haven't had an "okay" day this whole week. It's either been really intensely crappy, or amazing. Sometimes, both.

The week so far has been horrible. Just, unbearable, for example, I found out my Creative Writing class in school is being cut due to budget. What the hell! It was, and is, my favorite class in highschool, nay, school in general, ever. Hands down. I love that class to death. Also some various other things, that just have made me felt crappy.

However, my weekend was redeemed! I went to Las Vegas, which in itself is pretty fun, even for me. I always thought that Vegas is difficult for those in my age group; when you're a kid, almost anything entertains you, and obviously anyone 21+ is going to love it. However, those in the middle of said categories (i.e., me!) are usually bored out of their minds. I enjoyed it though. I went to Bellagio's buffet (called, The Buffet, believe it or not). AMAZING. Most buffets are quantity, not quality, but not THE Buffet. I can say that every single food item that went into my mouth or onto my plate was top notch delicious. I must have gained about five pounds eating there, though (they have sugar free deserts which tasted amazing, by the way; made my diabetic little self very pleased).

ALSO. The best part. I went to the MAC store for the Hello Kitty collection (haha) and OH MY LORDIE. I had no idea that the MAC Store in Caesar's Palace Forum Shops was actually a PRO store! To say I was a kid in a candy store was an understatement. Even my parents noticed how giddy I was; I was absolutely ecstatic.

I'm sure you can relate to my excitement only to an extent, but let me elaborate:

-I am underage, and I cannot drive. Thus I do not have a job, or transportation. Money is tight, and I have to spend VERY wisely.

-My parents do not approve of how much money I spend on make up. Or the amount of make up I have. Thus asking them to drive me to the PRO store in SoCal (which is about a 20-30 minute drive from where I live) is out of the question!

-I thought I would have to wait years just to ever set foot in a PRO store. But I did not have to. Dear god, I am excited now and I am home already!

It was the best surprise of my life. The only bad thing about it is, like I mentioned before, due to the fact I rarely have spending money, I plan my purchases carefully, you have no idea. Like I will make a list, then edit the list about fifty times before actually going to the store and making my purchase. I weigh what I want to buy, how much it is, what else I want to buy, as well as if it is similar to what I have; I hardly ever make impulse buys. Which is why I was not prepared to be going to a PRO store with PRO-only products!

I'm not going to post pictures of swatches (okay, maybe later...) but I ended up leaving with; HK e/s palettes in Lucky Tom and Too Dolly, Fun and Games BPB, Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster, Lipstick in Strayin, and Glitter Eye liner in Girl Groove. I also bought Black Black pigment, Bright Fuchsia Pigment, 3D Silver Glitter, and Glitterpuss glitter eye liner. I ended up returning Bright Fuchsia and 3D Silver because I had something similar or I did not think I would use it. I planned on exchanging Glitterpuss because there was no brush at the end of the wand! Just a plastic hunk (has that ever happened to you before?!) but I just ended up returning it. I returned them the next day, and ended up buying Pink Opal Pigment, Old Gold Pigment, Suntan Gloss, and an empty palette. So worth it! I only owned 4 Mac Products before, and I added 11 more! I nearly tripled my MAC collection!

However, the happiness stops there. Afterwards I came home and everything went to (pardon my French) shit. I have a project due tommorow; no one contributed what they promised, and my partner did not realize that we are preseting TOMMOROW. So now I have to scramble to get things done, and quite frankly, I am pissed. Plus, I'm on my period. Great.

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  1. Haha, bit of a topsy turvy week for you then!
    Hey, do you reckon if you get a chance you could swatch Old Gold pigment for me?
    Only there's a UK drugstore makeup brand called Barry M and their cult product is Dazzle Dusts, which some people say are comparable to MAC pigments. I guess there are certain similarities but the dazzle dusts are much more finely milled and you get a lot more fallout with them. Anyway, I have a dazzle dust called Old Gold, and I'm just curious as to how similar the colour is to the MAC pigment ^_^;