Monday, February 9, 2009

Movies, and Make Up That Suprises You

I said this wouldn't be a make up blog, but so far I've been mostly talking about cosmetic or beauty related things. So, I will FINALLY talk about non-cosmetic based things. First of all, last night I watched one of the most amazing movies in awhile. It's called 'The Fall", and just so many things about it is amazing. First of all, it's a visual orgasm. I watched it in Blu Ray, but still, just... wow. WOW. They traveled to so many places to film it. Plus, I love all of the actors' performances and the characters. In the plot (I won't give away too much) basically, a little girl is getting a story told to her, and because you see the "story" from her imagination, some things are a little silly (for example, it is set back in the early 1900's, and in one part he says the man is an "Indian". Because she is foreign, she thinks it's an Indian from India, versus a Native American, which is what he really reffers to. Also, they characters in the story get saved by an swimming "elephant" in which you see an actual African/Asian elephant, when really he is reffering to a manatee) and the characters in the story are all portrayed by people she knows in real life. The little girl in the story is so endearing and adorable, it's ridiculous. It will make you laugh AND cry. It's just so amazing, you need to see it.

Anyways, here's a make up related thinga-majigger. Do you ever have make up products that totally surprise you? Either you expect it to be really crappy, but it turns out way better than you imagined? Or you expect it to blow you away, and it sucks? I've had an experience like that; a long while ago, I went to the store "Claires". Now, I know that about 99% of the products there suck, but sometimes they have cute, decently priced things. They had a sale on

"cosmetics", buy one get another item 50% off. And I spotted the most glorious thing; a huge stack of different glitters!

I am a glitter fiend, so immediately I got a "oooh!" response. I had to buy it. But I figure, hey, why not buy something else? So I tried to find something that may be worth buying, but the only other thing they had were (Crappy) nail polishes and some "make up" palettes. I know what makeup from stores like these are like, because I (unfortunately) used to buy them when I was still a very little girl. Talcy, no pigmentation whatsoever, full of glitter chunks, etc. But they were the cheapest thing, and for some reason, I wanted to mock this palette, to show "HAH I have risen above you level! I now play with the big dog make up brands!" so, insanely, I purchased this palette (it had the lid on when I bought it):


So I got home and pretty much abandoned it. No swatching, no playing, no mocking. That glitter stack was pretty much the apple of my eye for a while. Finally, about a week later, I remember the palette. So, removing the plastic wrapper, I opened it, waiting to be amused. But to my surprise... The shadows were pigmented! Some of them, not so much, but others (namely the greens and blues) were pigmented! Even more so than my shitty NYX shadows! The texture was quite silky as well. I was flabergasted. What, how?! Perhaps teeny boppers were starting to get more make up savvy and Claire's stepped up their game? Or maybe it was just an incredibly rare find. Whatever it was, it made me keep the palette. I don't use it much to this day, but it never ceases to amaze me. (FYI I forget the prices of both, but I know they were in the $5-$8 range).

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