Monday, February 9, 2009

Heavenly Natural Beauty Haul

Ahhh! My Heavenly Natural Beauty Haul arrived! Yay! Luckily I swatched and took pictures of them this afternoon, when the lighting was fairly decent. I got a total of 12 colors, for about $60 total (free shipping). I forgot when I ordered, but I think it took only three days or so to come. The area was pretty close, they ship from New Mexico, and I live in California, so no wonder! And now, with no further ado here are the swatches and pictures (FYI all swatches are without a base).

I didn’t label them because I put them basically in the same order in all three pictures, so you can see for yourself. I really like these. There was a little bit of fall out when I swatched these, but it’s a given with mineral make up, not to mention that the area I swatched then (underside of arm) is dry and doesn’t have as much oil as say, your eye lid, and thus the mineral pigments had nothing to stick too. The colors are vibrant, but a few don’t look as they did on the site. I am a little disappointed with the “Emo” pigment/liner (Props with the funny name though); I really wanted a matte black loose shadow! However it isn’t very pigmented, more charcoal than black. It’s still a nice color, though. Oh, and as I mentioned in the previous post, there is a duochrome in the bunch; “Earth Child” is a pretty taupe/tan brown with a gorgeous green duochrome shimmer! Of all the colors, Emo, Hypnotic, Deep Ocean, Nymph, and Rare Beauty were matte, the rest ranged from light shimmer to very shimmery. And I am very, incredibly pleased with Diva, can’t wait to use it in a look! It’s incredibly pigmented; I barely used any shadow at all with the swatches, and they turned out pretty vibrant. The price is amazing as well, so I would check them out if I were you!

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  1. thanks for sharing swatches :)
    nice haul :)